35 Icebreakers Perfect for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

You go over the entire round of people until you have built a story. Check out these ideas to celebrate special dates with your remote team. You can even react to these emoji pictures with your own emojis! This lighthearted https://remotemode.net/blog/15-effective-icebreakers-for-virtual-meetings/ and quick activity shares insights into a teammate with one snapshot. The Neverending Story makes a fantastic icebreaker because having so many people collaborating on the same story results in a complex plot.

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6 Super Fun Activities for Your Next Virtual Meeting.

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Everyone can record their answers through the site to play lightning rounds that get everyone talking. You can also help everyone get to know each other by using family-based icebreakers to start conversations with your remote team members. Send your team a link for the geolocation of a spot in a random city.

Dream about bucket lists

You go around the (virtual) room and share something good that happened this week (high) and something bad that happened this week (low). In many groups where I’ve used this icebreaker, the attendees prefer to flip the order and do lows first and then highs because it can be a downer to end on a low. If you do this icebreaker, be prepared to say something encouraging or meaningful after each person goes. It can feel really disappointing to share something negative that happened to you that week and receive no reaction. Each participant must come up with two statements that are true and one statement that is a (convincing) lie. Then, the other participants must guess which statement is the lie.

For instance, if they can’t think of a good thing that happened to them last week, you could ask, “What’s one goal you have for the upcoming week? ” Pay attention to their tone of voice and facial expressions; if that person is uncomfortable, thank them for trying and move on to the next. Before this icebreaker exercise, remind your team to bring their business cards to the meeting. If someone doesn’t have a business card, provide an index card where they can quickly write their name, position, and contact info on one side. They will be doing a “speed networking” style game where the goal is to collect as many business cards as possible. Whether you’re gathering virtually or IRL, one of these simple icebreakers can help your team feel more comfortable around each other and get them excited about new collaborations.

#16. What’s the last picture that you took?

Pick a genre and then pick five options that your team members must rank from their favorite to their least favorite. They can submit their responses in a chat channel, or over video. Once the responses are submitted for everyone to see, expect some lively conversations about why people think x, y, or z is their all-time favorite. To get over this tension, fun icebreakers can be used to start conversations and rule out any nervousness. They will add an element of excitement and relaxation to a virtual meeting and will lay the foundations of a strong and cohesive team.

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This can work effectively with people who know each other well or people meeting for the first time, but be sure to highlight the need for a unique or unexpected thing in common. Start by sharing a list of items, some obvious and some less so. Ask each participant to choose 1-3 items they would take with them in order to survive on a desert island. In smaller groups, ask each person to select items, though with teams of over 10 people, it can be great to separate into breakouts and deliberate which items to bring as a team. The Desert Island is great for offering a framework for conversation with no single correct answer and which allows creative, individual responses. First, invite people to open up the chat in your video conferencing app.

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I find it particularly effective to return to the rollercoaster at the end of a session and to ask people how their position might have changed. We set up a virtual whiteboard, and each of us was supposed to write our ideas on little https://remotemode.net/ stickers that we then posted on the board. Take advantage of one of the visual collaboration tools such as Mural. We tried it recently during our Brand team meeting and it was an hour well spent – productive, creative, and fun.

We can easily get distracted when there’s a lot going on at work. Silence can be nice  — but is rarely possible and not always what we need. Whether you are working from home or at the office, headphones with the right type of music can be lifesavers.

Fun Icebreakers for Office & Virtual Meetings

You can all do around, so everyone gets a chance to play and have fun discovering more about your coworkers. Beach Ball Bonanza is an inexpensive way to encourage a large team to learn more about each other. With these small details, colleagues can get to know each other on a more day-to-day level. Plus, no one has to feel pressured to frantically come up with an interesting enough fact. For similar activities, check out this list of problem solving activities. Telephone is a childhood classic, and now, you can play it digitally!

  • For a successful game, you should plan, so everyone knows what is expected of them, what topic will be presented, and by whom.
  • Nonsense questions help everyone release workplace stress by shifting their focus to silly challenges.
  • Before your call, ask the team to come up with something they can sell to the group.